Our Sheet Metal Unit

Always interested in the advancements within the world of sheet metal, we offer everthing from CNC Plate Rolling to the latest fibre laser profiling. We always make sure that this knowledge is accessible to our customers to enable both improvement and cost stability to their products.

Peter Laybourne Works Manager
  • LVD Electra FL 3000 x 1500 4KW
  • Coming May 2020 Mazak Optiplex Fiber ||| - Laser 6kw
  • LVD Multi Axis Press Brake with Laser EasyForm
  • Davi Full CNC Plate Rolls
  • NC Pemserting
  • Stud Welding
  • Radan Programming Suite

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Laser - Machine - Fabricate


With the benefit of our Radan offline programming suite, data to finished product times are reduced enabling 24 hour turn around when required.The software package includes full 3D for customer solid file import through to their industry leading nesting package Radnest, analising the true shape, material and thickness of all components in a batch, separating and sorting automatically, producing high utilisation, manufacturable nests from sheets, off-cuts and remnants delivering substantial savings in material and improving machine efficiency


Having gathered considerable knowledge of laser cutting in the past 20 years, our skilled technicians are able to cut many different types of materials, which are avoided by most companies.Speed of cut and the ability to etch, puts the laser ahead of other cutting methods and using our high pressure nitrogen vessel, gives tarnish free superior edge quality. LVD'S multi axis press brake with Laser EasyForm angle measuring,integrated with touch screen operators panel, ensures accuracy through multiple folds. This complete with CADMAN offline programming gives the repeatable accuracy sheet metal designers demand.

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Laser - Machine - Fabricate

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